Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What are the advantages of purchasing a new home over an existing home?

    Several major benefits of purchasing a new home are:
    • New homes offer you the opportunity to customize plans to suit your lifestyle.
    • Provides the opportunity to build an Energy Star® Rated and Certified Green Home.
    • Significant improvements in building techniques and energy efficiency, even over homes built just 3 years ago.
    • Energy efficient/Green homes are fast becoming main stream and existing homes cannot compete in terms of energy usage without costly upgrades.
    • New homes feature more efficient designs and advanced operating systems which save you time and financial resources.
    • Designed to facilitate today’s most advanced audio/video systems and information technologies.
    • New homes are protected by service and warranty programs.
    • Superior construction standards today minimize the risks of costly or catastrophic problems arising in your home from moisture or structural damage.

  2. Is it more expensive to build green?

    This has been a long standing belief that building green is more expensive, but it does not have to be. With implementation of changes in building codes and advanced construction techniques it is not difficult to create an energy efficient sustainable green home especially when a comprehensive approach is taken.

    The reduced operating and maintenance costs associated with building green need to be considered as an energy efficient home can result in substantial savings in the costs of home ownership.

    We recommend that, as a buyer, you look at the products being used by the builder as well as all of the advanced product upgrades that are available in today's market place. Using lower quality products will result in a lower price per square foot, but will result in higher maintenance costs and lower home owner satisfaction, and a home without lasting value.

    Our goal is to build a home of lasting value that is energy efficient, low maintenance and one that fits needs and lifestyle.

  3. What makes a new home higher in energy efficiency?

    The awareness and importance of energy efficiency has never been greater. Building science has taken a front seat on how homes are constructed and looked upon as a series of integrated systems. This has driven demand for new energy efficient products and construction methods into the market place with increasing affordability.

    New homes that are constructed today are subject to more stringent building code standards for energy efficiency and building practices than just a few years ago. Programs such as Energy Star® and Green Building Standards are quickly becoming what the buyers expect and demand. An Energy Star® Home can be as much as 30% or more efficient as a home that was built to the 2006 residential codes.

    The steps involved in making your new home more energy efficient start with building site selection and range through advanced building techniques and proper product selections. Proper installation and integration of these products is also critical to a successful energy efficient home.

    For more information on energy efficiency and green building please visit the green building section of this web site.

  4. What is the difference between an Energy Star® home and a green home?

    Energy Star® is a program put in place by the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is a government backed program designed to help protect our environment with energy efficient practices. New homes gain an Energy Star® Rating by following specific guidelines which are verified by a qualified energy rater (3rd party).

    While building a green home incorporates the Energy Star® concepts, it goes beyond to include either the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) Green Build Standards or U.S. Build Green Council's LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) for Homes. Verification for both standards is also performed by a qualified 3rd party verifier.

    It is possible to have an Energy Star® Rated home without having your home qualified as a green home. However, since Energy Star requirements overlap into green building standards, a green home will qualify as an Energy Star ® Home (subject to 3rd party verification).

    For further definition of these programs please go to the green building section of this web site.

  5. What are the designations CGP and CGB?

    CGB – Certified Graduate Builder

    This is a designation from the National Association for Home Builders (NAHB) for builders who complete a series of courses covering key areas in the home building industry. Courses range from business management, financial strategies, marketing techniques, to construction technologies. A minimum of 9 courses are required to obtain certification. In order to maintain the certification, continuing education is required on an annual basis.

    CGP - Certified Green Professional

    This designation by the NAHB recognizes builders who incorporate green building principles into the construction of their homes. NAHB course work that provides a solid background in green building methods is required to obtain this designation.

  6. How are your projects managed?

    Controlling the number of homes that we build allows me to personally manage the construction of your home. You will interface directly with me from the beginning through the completion of your home as well as through the warranty period. You have full access to me by face to face meetings (with no limitations), email, cell phone, etc. I understand that you have a demanding schedule and I make myself available seven (7) days a week and schedule meetings in the evenings and weekends for your convenience.

    Building a home is very personal by nature and our goal is to make it an educational and enjoyable process. I believe that the use of technology is important to this process, but it can never replace the value of personal relationships. This relationship is the core of a successful building project.

  7. As a custom builder do you allow design changes?

    As part of the custom home building experience we offer design/build services that include creation of new plans as well as modifications/changes to existing plans. Often, the best ideas come from our clients and we embrace incorporating these into our plans. Depending on the magnitude of modifications there may no charge for this service.